Free Conference

September 18-19, 2020

Located in Agra, KS

Conference Begins In


Why Legendary?

Legendary Men’s Conference exists to show that through Christ, we can experience legendary love, forgiveness, grace, salvation. You will not want to miss out on the 2020 conference, which will be taking place at Heartland Worship center, located near Agra, KS. Featuring world-class communicators, high-energy worship and awesome entertainment, this action-packed conference will truly be an experience to remember!

Meet the Speakers

We are excited to have Bob Cave, pastor of Faith Chapel back with us for the second year and for the first time, we will have Lance Nelson, Foster Care Director of COMPACT Family Services in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Last Year's Conference

The first annual Legendary Men’s Conference was amazing last year. Our speakers included AGK District Superintendent, Terry Yancey and Pastor Bob Cave. View last year’s services by clicking the button below.

Common Questions

How Much Does it Cost? 

We are excited to announce that this conference is free!

Where is the conference located? 

The Legendary Men’s Conference is hosted by the Stronger Men’s Ministry of Heartland Worship Center, located at 1004 US 36 in Agra, KS.

Can I bring my son or grandson with me? 

Yes! There is no minimum age; however parents should use their discretion as to the maturity of their boys to determine whether or not they should attend. Heartland Worship Center recommends 10 and above.

What about COVID-19 concerns? 

The health and safety of attenders is something we take very seriously at HWC. The facility is routinely cleaned and properly prepared for the reception of the audience. The conference will take place unless a mandate is issued that would otherwise cause us to cancel. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the facility and masks are encouraged for anyone with health concerns. We ask that if you have had a fever within 72 hours of the conference to attend online only. 

Will I be required to wear a mask? 

It is our recommendation for anyone with health concerns to wear a mask while attending LMC '20. HWC does not require the wearing of masks within the facility. We feel this is a personal decision for all and welcome all to attend, mask or no mask.